How to Celebrate your birthday with a Girl’s Getaway to Cancun, Mexico

Did someone say margarita on the beach? Check out our experience in an all inclusive Mexican resort.

In need of margarita on the beach? There’s nothing better than a quick trip to Mexico. The sun, sand and margaritas alone are good enough to make us want to keep going back.

Taco about a resort

When we arrived at the Grand Bahia Principe Coba, we honestly couldn’t believe it. Palm trees everywhere, cute shops around the resort, and the friendliest staff offering us drinks made us feel so special when we arrived.

This was the perfect resort for a 6 night stay! It had wifi in the lobby, golf carts that shuttle you around the resort, events during the day and night, and of course a disco (Sam and I danced here every night).

TIP: One secret that we found out is a week before you arrive to the resort, you can actually call them and request for a room that is closer to the pool! Are you celebrating something during your time there? If so, let them know! We received a bottle of champagne in the room when we got there just cause we let them know we’re here for a special occasion, talk about an amazing start to our vacation!

The Beach + Pool

Do you prefer going to the beach? Or soaking up the sun in a pool? Well, good thing is that you have the option for both! The pool was great to lounge, have drinks by the bar, and to participate in events nearby. The beach is definitely my favourite though (I’m just a beachy girl), I love the sand between my toes, and love the fresh water. The one thing we struggled with is if you go a little later during the day, all the spots near the bar are usually taken so you will have to lay your beach towel a bit further.

Let’s Guac and Talk

Probably one of the best perks about staying at an all inclusive resort is that all the drinks and food are free! Although I didn’t need to bring my wallet around to carry large amounts of cash, Sam got me the cutest pineapple coin purse and I brought that around with a few US dollars in it to tip the servers for dinner. If you haven’t read Sam’s blog post about top 7 vacation gifts, check it out here.

The Grand Bahia Principe we stayed at had the option for all you can eat (AYCE) breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So of course, that meant every morning Sam and I tried to get a little bit of food and a few glasses of mimosas to start our day off right. There are snack bars that are open almost all the time for lunch options. I can’t think of anything better than an unlimited amount of fresh guac every day! But our favourite meal was always in the evening with so many speciality restaurants and their various cuisines. We tried out their Brazilian steakhouse, Japanese hibachi, and French gourmet restaurants!

Keep the sun hot and drinks strong!

Keep the sun hot and drinks strong! My go-to drink was always a margarita, Sam’s was a vodka soda (basic, I know). But we both love our wine and champagne during dinner, and our go-to shot? Of course it’s tequila. We actually learned so much about tequila during our stay here! We tried out cherry tequila, chilli tequila, dessert tequila, and so much more!

I think between Sam and I, the amount of drinks that we had during this trip was worth the price that we paid! Do you want to read about how we got our money’s worth at an all-inclusive resort?

Writing this blog makes me miss our Mexico trip, and I can’t wait until we visit again soon. Have you been to Mexico? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

Until next time,

xo Viv.

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